Stephen Harper, defence minister go target shooting in Arctic with Canadian Rangers

Just terrible optics considering Zimmerman Sammy Yatim his NRA ties are strong and just a cold vile man this Stephen Harper

National Post | News

GJOA HAVEN, Nunavut — Stephen Harper took up arms — albeit antique ones — for some target practice on the Arctic tundra and plied the frigid waters of the Northwest Passage in a sovereignty patrol meant to show solidarity with Canadian Rangers.

Both the prime minister and newly appointed Defence Minister Rob Nicholson went shooting late Tuesday with the First World War-vintage .303 Lee Enfield rifles.

They are the standard-issue weapon for the aboriginal reservists — the part-time soldiers comprising the Rangers who spend their days patrolling the vast, desolate tundra.

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“It was an honour to patrol with the Rangers … as they work to defend our territory from potential threats, and emergencies and keep our North strong, secure and free,” the prime minister said in a statement.

Harper clearly relished the bonding exercise, and during target practice he fired from several different positions, including prone on the…

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