Harper government’s ‘weak’ stance on gun control is failing Toronto: NDP

The NRA Conservatives are killing us and blaming us t the same time

National Post | News

TORONTO — The recent spate of shootings in Toronto shows the Harper government’s stance on gun control has failed the city, federal New Democrat critics said Thursday.

Cuts to border services and youth programs could be disastrous for community safety, members of parliament Olivia Chow and Andrew Cash said as they stood outside a neighbourhood YMCA.

“The Conservatives have been weak on gun control,” said Cash. “They failed the city of Toronto.”

The government should reverse planned cuts to border services, provide stable funding for youth programs and come up with a strategy to deal with gun smuggling, the pair said.

But a spokeswoman for Federal Public Safety Minister Vic Toews disputed their claims, saying since the Conservatives took office, firearms-related homicides have decreased by 28%.

“These statistics show that our government’s tough-on-crime approach is working,” Julie Carmichael said in an email.

“Rather than focusing on political stunts, like calling…

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