Ontario ombudsman outs Twitter troll attacking him over Sammy Yatim shooting as Durham police detective

National Post | News

Outspoken Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin says a Durham police detective accused him of “being a card-carrying member of al-Qaeda” on Twitter after the ombudsman took sharp aim at police following the shooting death of Toronto teenager Sammy Yatim.

On Thursday, not long before Marin was going to announce an investigation into the province’s direction to police on de-escalating conflict situations, an anonymous Twitter account named “Joe Mayo” tweeted at the ombudsman’s account: “[Marin] is card member of Al Qaida.”

In all caps, the same account also tweeted that Marin was “a complete douche bag!”

“Why don’t you stick your big French nose up your ass instead of business where it doesn’t belong,” the tweet added.

At a news conference Thursday, Marin said he had not contacted police about the messages but included the police officer’s twitter handle when responding. He said he wasn’t sure what his next step would be…

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