Shimar Stephens, 18, talks about being carded over 15 times in two years by Toronto Police

News Now

Wednesday, July 24th edition:

Independent Arts and CultureNews Now‘s Hailee Ingleton interviews Natalie Guimond, co-founder of The Jade Project. The Jade Project is a movement to raise money and awareness for mental health through the sale of beaded bracelets, each containing a single jade bead symbolizing healing, hope, and acceptance. Hailee finds out more about this project and the message founders Natalie and Carissa are trying to spread. [Repeat]

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Feature Interview: “They’re just stopping you just to give you a hard time. And if you give them an answer that they don’t like or they feel like you’re giving them attitude, that’s when things get even worse for you.”

Shimar Stephens, 18, has been carded by Toronto Police Services over 15 times in the last two years. In part one of our series on police brutality and racial profiling, News Now’s Ayushi…

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