Trudeau Liberals surge back into healthy lead in polls after leader’s pot admission

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National Post | News

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau appears more likely to become prime minister after admitting to smoking marijuana while being a Member of Parliament, a new poll suggests, as more Canadians say they are supportive of relaxing drug laws.

[np_storybar title=”Liberals betting openness — even on Justin Trudeau’s drug use — pays off with voters” link=””]

There is method to Justin Trudeau’s reefer madness.

His willingness to confess his past proclivity for puffing pot is part of a deliberate strategy to brand the Liberal leader as a different kind of politician — one who’s open and transparent to a fault, even when it might be more politic to dissemble.

It’s a calculated risk that could pay big dividends or blow up in his face, Liberal insiders acknowledge.

But he’s determined to make transparency a trademark of his leadership.

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The Liberals have surged to 38% support from…

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