NRA Sets Up Base in Calgary to Arm Canadian Citizens and Reverse ‘Gunless Society’

Zimmerman has landed here named Forcillo

Canada News Network

CALGARY – The American-based National Rifle Association (NRA) has announced that it is opening up a Canadian chapter, initially based in Calgary, in order to lobby the federal government to reverse decades of gun control legislation.  After a series of shooting massacres in 2012, the NRA has ramped up efforts to successfully combat the threat of any gun-control legislation in the United States.

Despite the NRA’s success in loosening gun regulations in America, the organization stated that the country was still vulnerable to foreign threats.

“While we are cautiously optimistic with our victory here in the United States, we firmly believe that Canada’s strict gun-control laws are a worrisome ‘import threat’,” explained Wayne LaPierre,  executive vice-president of the NRA.  “Gun-control advocates in the United States frequently cite statistical evidence about lower levels of Canadian gun violence, and extensively quote Canadian political figures and journalists.  Canadian urban elites, particularly in Ontario…

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