Entering The Arena: The Right Wing Attacks on Zerlina Maxwell

This Black Sista's Memorial Page

This was an International Women’s Day present.  This sista, a contributing editor at The Grio, a Democratic strategist, a rape survivor, a feminist, and soon-to-be attorney, had the guts to get on Hannity‘s show this weekend.  Zerlina Maxwell got dead into the faces of those who watch Faux Noise about where the responsibility for rape truly resides, and especially about changing the culture of rape by instructing, educating and enjoining men and boys not to rape women and girls under any circumstances.  Some of what she said she has already laid out here below in Ebony and at ColorLines:

1. Teach young men about legal consent: Legal consent is number one for a reason. Without it, sexual contact with someone is rape whether you intended to rape or not. A woman who is drunk, unconscious, sleeping cannot give legal consent. And it’s not about a woman simply…

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