Keidel: The Jeter Meter Runs On Empty

The Captain Its almost all over

CBS New York

By Jason Keidel
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Through his high deeds under brown leaves, his hunger and humility, and for being so impossibly proper in all things, Derek Jeter has become the emblem of Americana. He is hot dogs and apple pie, an essential member of our pastime’s most essential entity: The New York Yankees.

Few men are so swathed in the essence of victory. Derek Jeter is embodied with the regal presence of Joe DiMaggio, the blue-collar grit of Don Mattingly, and the white-collar sensibilities of Joe Torre.

He had the boyish good looks of a prince and the regal manner of a king. He has somehow lived above the masses while making them feel like family. He made Madison Avenue his throne, and, even by the most objective metric, has probably lived the most charmed life in the history of team sports.

You can’t teach what Derek Jeter has…

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