Baby Pufferfish

Baby Pufferfish

This docile baby is one of the most poisonous creatures in the world. It’s not that they’ll “bite”, they’re deadly only if you eat them! The Pufferfish has many names which all describe it’s appearance, but in science its species is termed, Tetraodontidae. What’s adorable is the baby looks exactly similar to an adult, just much smaller. Puffers can move their eyes independently. Many change color similar to a chameleon for defensive camouflage. Although they swim very slow, its backup deterrence against a hungry predator is to “puff-up” even larger, making its many skin-spines an unpalatable prickly supper to be avoided! Some cultures serve up the Pufferfish as a delicacy to eat. Trained chefs carefully remove the toxic inner organs, but if mistakes are made, they’re met with dire consequences. via

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