Know Your Rights!

Know Your Rights! If You See Something suspicious, Film Something: Public photography is not a crime, you have the right to film public officials which are paid by you the tax payers >>

“Subject to certain very limited constraints, it is not a crime in Canada for anyone to do any of the following things, and it is a violation of their Charter rights to prevent anyone from doing so:

-photographing or filming in any public place, or in any private place to which the public is admitted, and publishing those pictures and films

-taking pictures of or filming in any government site other than “restricted access areas”*

-photographing or filming police officers in public, as long as the photographer/filmmaker does not obstruct or interfere with the execution of police duties. While everyone has a reasonable expectation of privacy in certain circumstances, police officers have no reasonable expectation of privacy as they go about their duties.

-A police officer does not have the right to confiscate cameras or recording equipment (including phones), unless the person in possession of such equipment is under arrest and such equipment is necessarily relevant to the alleged offence. A police officer cannot force anyone to show, unlock or decrypt cameras or recording equipment, or to delete images, even when that person is under arrest, unless the police officer has a warrant or a court order permitting him to do so.”

If You See Something suspicious, Film Something : You Have The Right To Film Police & The Government > -You have a tool against tyranny: your cellphone

The rise of citizen journalism

References/ Videos to watch attached below:

Transparency & accountability through these smartphone apps. >

CopWatch Focuses on resources for fighting police misconduct. Plus- strategies and techniques to combat police abuse, brutality, harassment, and corruption. > Additional pages:

Make a difference! Ways to get information out> SHARE! Record anything suspicious/criminal via your cell phone camera’s , Start a facebook community page >, start up an Independent media website, YouTube channel, blogging, film protests, Use artistic expression, livestream/record public events etc. Write a letter to your local newspaper editor on important issues> , write/call your MP>

If You See Something, Film Something I: You Have The Right To Film The Police

Caught in the act – why citizens MUST retain the right to film police & government officials >

7 Rules for Recording Police

Judge Napolitano- Your right to film the Police

Recording The Police is Dangerous, but Necessary!

How to Film a Revolution – a tutorial – Occupy the Movie

“FILM THE POLICE MP3” B. Dolan ft. Toki Wright, Jasiri X, Buddy Peace, Sage Francis >

The American Civil Liberties Union Launches Smartphone App That Lets Users Secretly Record Police Stops -The app lets users record audio and video discretely with a stealth mode that hides the fact that the recording is happening. Users can store the recording on their phones or send a copy to the ACLU-NJ for backup storage and analysis of possible civil liberties violations. (This app can be used in Canada/US and is available for IOS and Androids.)

The U.S First Circuit Court of Appeals, ruled that citizens are allowed to videotape law officials while they conduct official duties. >

Chief of Ottawa Police , now a senator admits that it is LEGAL to film all public officials and the police in Canada >

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