Oh No Big Deal…KimYe Just Chillin’ And Chattin’ With Oprah! (PHOTOS)


Global Grind

Kim Kardashian With Oprah And Diddy

Well look who’s chummy friends…

Kim Kardashian  had a fun night out last night with her boyfriend Kanye West, and the had some great company by their side.

Kimmy posted a photo to her Instagram of her hanging with Yeezy, as well as Diddy and who else…  Oprah Winfrey She captioned the flick:

“Oh no big deal”

Why these four were all in the same room, we can’t quite tell yet…but it’s like a good time was happening. The couple hanging with O might come as a bit of a surprise as Kanye and the mogul haven’t seen eye to eye in the past, him canceling an appearance and wanting no parts of her past talk show.

Oprah Diddy Kanye

Could it be Yeezy has had a change of heart, and may appear on Oprah’s Next Chapter?!! Okay… okay… maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

What do…

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