Erin Do you know why they suspended you in the first place?
And congratulations!


5 responses to “IM BACK TWITTER WORLD!

    • Yeah with the fake suspension reports for lazurus the KKK NAZI Free hate Speech nazis sure abuse the system like the crackhead Zimmerman nazis they really are I got screen shots it takes so many of you retards to gang up one me the cyber bully KKK Conservative lynch mob! got a crush on me you cant stop crazy lunatic get outta here! HA

    • GreenWater Pirate ‏@irishrogue80 9m
      @t3h_0wl @TheRealDamany @ManuvSteele yea, huh! we got Damany on tap…

      GreenWater Pirate favorited your Tweets
      18m: Welcome To The Right Wing Of Chickens Drunk Superman (@ManuvSteele) commented on Supporters LOL

      #NRA NAZI KKK #CPC CANT STOP #cdnpoli

      ɃŁ₳Ͼ₭ ɌłƵŁ₳ ‏@t3h_0wl 15m
      @TheRealDamany @ManuvSteele There he is! Wudup B ^ Twitter’s got u off and on like a light switch.

      GreenWater Pirate ‏@irishrogue80 19m
      @TheRealDamany @ManuvSteele that cracker dont know from mentall illness, and needa shut the fuck up W/that mess jeeezuss..#ILOVEIT

      GreenWater Pirate ‏@irishrogue80 20m
      @TheRealDamany @ManuvSteele i slid over t R.W.O.C. peep yer dialog with supy. still a fuckin idiot. steady talkin bout “u need help” #HAHAHA

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