Nick Rizzuto ‘incorrectly’ got cheque for $381,737 in jail, CRA says, and ‘those responsible’ will be ‘held accountable’

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National Post | News

MONTREAL — The federal government has confirmed that a former Mafia don was given an undeserved cheque for $381,737.

A spokesman for Revenue Minister Kerry-Lynne Findlay says the unwarranted tax refund has since been recovered and he suggested Thursday that federal employees responsible could face punishment.

The statement came after a published report that the Canada Revenue Agency gave the since-deceased Nick Rizzuto that refund when, in fact, he owed the taxman $1.5 million.

Rizzuto had just been arrested as part of a sweeping police operation in November 2006 and sent to prison. The elderly Mob boss was eventually released, and was murdered in his kitchen in 2010.

Enquête, an investigative program on Radio-Canada, says Rizzuto received a cheque dated Sept. 13, 2007 for more than $381,000. A photo of a cheque worth $381,737 made out to Rizzuto was posted on Radio-Canada’s website on Wednesday.

As has been reported in…

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