Documents show Toronto police own Cessna aircraft outfitted with surveillance camera

My Crackhead Nazi Conservative NRA NSA City of Toronto

Global News

ABOVE: Exclusive: Toronto Police using ‘secret’ surveillance plane. Jackson Proskow reports. 

TORONTO – Toronto Police didn’t have to rent a Cessna to trail anyone; Transport Canada documents show the police have their own.

Last week, Mayor Rob Ford’s brother Doug Ford confirmed reports police are tracking the family in a plane, then denied them.

Documents show the Toronto Police Services Board re-registered a Cessna 206H on April 08, 2013.

Norm Gardner, a former city councillor and member of the Toronto Police Services Board, told Global News the plane is used for intelligence-gathering, primarily by the Toronto Police Marine Unit for some coast guard patrol over Lake Ontario.

“The aircraft basically does patrolling because there are people who are trying to smuggle and/or people from the U.S. into Canada,” he said. “So police have had a surveillance aircraft for many, many years.”

Gardner couldn’t confirm when the plane was bought…

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