Stephen Harper says Mike Duffy is lying about being forced into cash for repayment scheme

lying piece of shit

National Post | News

OTTAWA –­ – Prime Minister Stephen Harper Wednesday denied intimidating Sen. Mike Duffy, contrary to Duffy’s assertions to the Senate Tuesday that he had been forced to go along with a secret scheme to replay some of his Senate expenses.
Harper rose several times in the House of Commons to directly address Duffy’s assertions.

“When he (Duffy) asked, in fact, I told our entire caucus and staff that my view was that his expense claims were inappropriate and they should be repaid,” Harper said. “That particular time, Mr. Speaker, did I threaten him with expulsion? No.

“But when inappropriate expense claims are made, I expect a corrective action to be taken and if it is not taken, the person who does not take corrective action could not expect to continue to sit as a member of the Conservative party.”

The remarks were further than the prime minister has ever gone…

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