Brazeau says he was offered ‘backroom deal’ by Tories to get out of punishment by Senate

Mafioso Gangster Conservative Government

OTTAWA – The Senate is bracing for a final debate on the fate of three disgraced members next week after the Conservative majority in the red chamber dropped hints Friday that it may be prepared to compromise on the fate of senators Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau – though not on the punishment it wants to mete out to Mike Duffy.

The shift in tone comes amid increasing concern from some Conservatives over a plan to suspend the three without pay or privileges over their questionable expense claims.

A number of developments marked the emotional debate Friday:

–Sen. Patrick Brazeau told the Senate he was offered a “backroom deal” by government Senate leader Claude Carignan, who, he said, suggested he apologize in the chamber for his spending offences in exchange for a more lenient sanctionCarignan denied the allegation, suggesting Brazeau had misunderstood.

–Wallin released documents she said helped…

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