Miriam Carey 911 Tapes Show Mom Killed In D.C. Chase Thought She Was Being Stalked

CBS New York

[worldnow id=9452572 width=420 height=266 type=video]

STAMFORD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — Stamford police have released several 911 tapes that shed light on the emotional state of Miriam Carey, the woman who led Capitol Hill police on a car chase earlier this month before she was shot dead.

As CBS 2’s Tracee Carrasco reported, the calls made to police by Carey, 34, from her Stamford condo paint a disturbing picture of a new mother.

“I have some people prowling outside my window,” she said in one call. “They’ve been prowling outside of my window all day.”

At times sounding confused, Carey explained a bizarre scene to the 911 operator.

Operator: “They’re, what, outside your window?”
Carey: “People, like … “
Operator: “Loitering?”
Carey: “Loitering and actually trying to videotape me, outside my window.”
Operator: “Do you know who they are?”
Carey: “Yes, I do. … ”
Operator: “Why are they trying to videotape…

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