This Little Girl’s Tap Dance Routine Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day! (VIDEO)

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The ‘Dance Factory preschool tap’ troupe took to the stage to perform their choreographed routine. The girls busted out the moves they’d worked long and hard to learn to the best of their ability and then – it happened.

One little dancer decided to ditch the routine and break out some moves of her own. Her fellow dancers kept their composure and continued the routine as planned. But her unscripted solo performance brought the performance from adorable to epic!

Parents looked on from the audience and applauded the little diva for dancing to the beat of her own drum. One lucky parent caught the whole routine on camera and uploaded it to YouTube where it was viewed nearly 1 million times, launching the little girl – now identified as Jordyn – to internet stardom!

Check out the adorably epic video above.

SOURCE: DailyMail

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