Two guys in Florida thought George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin in blackface would make for funny Halloween outfits

Halloween offers people the opportunity to go well beyond the confines of good taste and choose costumes liable to offend pretty much everyone who sees them, and three young Americans have answered the call this year.

A photo of friends dressed as George Zimmerman and a blood-stained Trayvon Martin made the rounds this weekend after they (proudly?) shared it on Facebook. Just to add some racism to the mix, the Trayvon outfit included some crude blackface, and a female friend also pictured is dressed as “Robin da Hood.”

The Smoking Gun, a website that specializes in digging up dirt on people, has now outed the three as Caitlin Cimeno, who first posted the photo online, Greg Cimeno and William Filene. Both men are residents of Cape Coral, Fla. — about three hours away from the city of Sanford, where Martin was shot and killed in February of 2012.

When a…

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