Lehi teen discovers new math code for Pascal’s triangle


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LEHI — A Lehi teenager makes a mathematical discovery.

Brock Brown may have made math simpler for high school students. The 16-year-old student was sitting in class learning about Pascal’s triangle when midway during class boredom struck him. He began to think, ‘surely there must be a simpler way of solving this.’

“We were learning about Pascal’s triangle and it looked too long and I didn’t want to have to do it,” said Brown who came up with “Brock’s Theorem” in January.

“I just did the math and figured it out it wasn’t all that hard,” said Brown.

It only took the teenager 15 minutes to discover the new mathematical code.

“I took it to my math teacher and she was impressed and I think I came home and showed it to my Mom — she saw it and she was taking it to class with her…

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