Blacks and browns are targeted more than whites in Toronto for spot checks, police even admit it, ‘Stop and Frisk?’

Daniel .. Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada –An article in the Toronto Star this week brought about some interesting and disturbing questions about who Toronto Police stop and question. They mention that the statistics are much higher for black and brown skinned people being stopped for investigation when they are out of their home areas?

Do they do the same at places such as Skydome (Rogers Centre,) the Go Train and King and Bay streets? These stops, “fishing expeditions” appear to be done in ‘just’ high crime areas, tell that to black people. It sounds like the “Stop and Frisk” program they have in New York City, where they can pull over or stop anyone, anytime, to see if they have a gun. Recent statistics show, over 576,395 were stopped and frisked, and a very small majority were found to have any guns, or arrests and yet almost 80%, were black or Hispanic.


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